How to Remove Duplicate MP3 Files?

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Removing duplicate mp3 files from your musical collection can become a complex task, if it has hundreds or even thousands of audio-files. It's threatening even to imagine the procedure of looking through all the folders, trying to find identical audio files and sometimes having to listen to musical files having the name which provides no information about the file at all. The whole process can take up not even hours but several days and night. This task would seem devastating and threatening even to a very patient person... but happily not for Audio Comparer!

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This brainy software is surely capable to do all that donkey work for you. The program's main target is to find and remove duplicate mp3 files and sort files in a way suitable for personally you. From the program you may guess that the program's mechanism is based on comparison process of audio files - it means, Audio Comparer can easily find both exact duplicates, and similar files, "similarity threshold" being specified. Let's see how in more detail.

First of all, in order to remove duplicate mp3 files, "tell" the program where to look for them, i.e. specify the location of your musical collection. Then, the program asks you to give a name to the "Audiogroup" for your collection (the unit Audio Comparer operates by) and the whole process starts. Basically speaking, that is all work you have to do manually. All the rest will be done by the program.

So, after you've specified the location and given a name for your Audiogroup, the program starts listening to all audio files in your collection. The listening process is really fast and takes up only a second per file. By the way, if you like, you are welcome to listen to the files right from the program, for the program has a built-in player. The audio comparison process is even faster and you'll get the comparison results in seconds.

As soon as your audiogroup is formed, you're welcome to make a comparison within this group or compare it with another group. When mp3 files comparison is finished, Audio Comparer displays the results in the form of a tree. Each nested branch is actually an audio file with a similarity degree within the parent branch file. You may ask the program to recommend you which one of duplicate files should be deleted, judging by music quality, or, if you'd better prefer to rely upon yourself, do this yourself. Having removed duplicate mp3 files, you can mark files and copy or move them all to another place folder, most convenient for you.

So, rely upon Audio Comparer and make your life easier - let it masterly do all the "dirty" work for you quickly and effectively. Audio Comparer is a real "guru" in finding and removing duplicate mp3 files, as well as capable of "juggling" with MP3, WMA, APE, AAC, OGG and WavPack files like knives.

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Audio Comparer - It`s just perfect

"It`s ideal for me! The whole process is automatic and the results are really astonishing!!! It even chooses the files having worse and better quality. I should say it does have an ear for music even if your collection includes different formats and tags are not filled in."
Gale James - Rating: 4.8 -

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