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Instant activation code delivery by e-mail

So, you decided to purchase an Audio Comparer license. Congratulations, it is the right decision, since it's worth every penny. There are two license types for Audio Comparer - Home License ($34.95) and Business License ($99.95). Home License is for home use only, Business is for home and office use.

All payments are processed securely by Avangate.

- Home License Only

Billing and Registration Questions

What is Avangate?
      Avangate is the partner Bolide Software (Audio Comparer developer) retained for the sale and distribution of its software. So it's through Avangate systems you buy our products. It's Avangate that you pay for your purchase ("Avangate" is the name that will appear on your bank statement) and this is Avangate which establishes your bill.

What is the difference between Home and Business Licenses?
      It's easy. Home License is for home use only, Business is for home and office use.

How long will I have to wait for my order to be processed?
      Avangate provides real time secure ordering. Usually you will get the registration code within several minutes after the payment is complete.

I would prefer to pay with PayPal - is this possible?
      Yes, it is possible. Our payment processing partner Avangate supports PayPal payments.

Are the order forms secure?
      Absolutely. All your information is encrypted, and sent using the highest levels of security available.

Can I pay by telephone or fax?
      Yes, both services offer this option. Just click on the order form, and in the section requesting payment details you will be given the telephone number you need to call to complete your order, without sending your payment information across the internet.

Will I receive free updates to the software?
      You will receive all minor updates free. For example, if you purchased the key for version 3.3, it will work with version 3.9 too, but not with version 4.0. An update to the next major version is available for a reduced price.

How does TrialPay work?
       TrialPay is an online payment option that lets shoppers purchase their product by completing one advertising offer. Take a look at the pictures below to explain how this works.
How does TrialPay work