Want to Delete Duplicate Music Files?

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There's nothing easier than Audio Comparer! That's what Audio Comparer specializes in. This is a program that works with all audio formats like MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, AIF, WAV, WavPack, FLAC, OGG, ACC, etc. and quickly deletes duplicate music files.

Audio Comparer does listen to your music files, and you can see that

Audio Comparer is so effective due to its revolutionary content-based technology. It means the software, as seen from its name, compares audio files, analyzes their content and identifies complete duplicates or similar audio files. So, the program carefully listens to the files in your music collection and, based on the audio content, finds similar music and 100% clones. After that, deleting duplicate music is no longer a problem for Audio Comparer. It's handy since most programs mainly consider only formal file properties, like bit rate and codecs.

This powerful tool is going to delete duplicate music in your iTunes collection as well

The program is straightforward to use. Even a complete newbie will be able to use it immediately. It's a universal decluttering tool, so it will delete duplicate music from your iTunes collection as well. So a special effort is needed for that. While the program is working, you can see how it is listening to and playing your music files. It has a built-in audio player, and for each file, the program fills in the additional info about the author, singer, song name, album name, genre, year of release, etc.

You will be amazed by the results

When the work is over, you get the results. The results, which are usually presented in the form of a tree, clearly show you which directories have the duplicates. So, the only thing left for you is to tick the unnecessary files and delete duplicate music files forever. In one click. As simple as ABC. Or the program itself can do this for you, judging by the file quality.

Perfect memory - great results

Audio Comparer has a perfect memory, so every time you add new music to your collection, it will be compared to all the files you already have. And if you own this or that music file, you will know about it immediately. So, Audio Comparer does its best so that you can avoid having and, therefore, deleting duplicate music. You won't have a chance to get any.

Isn't that awesome for a real music lover like you?

Our customers say

Audio Comparer - Highly recommended

"Music is my love and my life for a long time already. I've been working with music for so long that my hard drive is full of audio files, many of them are duplicates... I rejected the idea to organize them all manually, because it would be just impossible, but Audio Comparer did its very best and coped with it masterly! Thank you very much for your work! Highly recommend to all people having large music collections!"
- Rating: 4.5