How To Delete Mp3 Duplicates Automatically?

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In the age of fast technology development and wide spreading of all imaginable devices like GPS navigation, iPods, netbooks, watch-mobiles with touchscreen displays we have already got used to the fact that various electronic devices are a great help in everyday life. The same is true for software: all sorts of programs are capable of teaching a language to you, cataloging your books, movies or image collection, conducting your home accounting, etc. The artificial intellect of such programs allows processing automatically large amounts of the most complex information in the shortest possible time. Let's, say, take music collection and mp3 duplicates, which overcrowd almost every PC drive now. I bet that you've tried more than once to organize your music collection and delete mp3 copies, all attempts fell flat because it's just impossible to do this manually...

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Therefore the idea of using specially designed cutting-edge Audio Comparer sounds extremely attractive! Let's consider step-by-step how it can delete mp3 duplicates from music collection automatically requiring no efforts of yours.

Step 1. Specify where the majority of music files are located and give a name to the Audio group being created and specify the destination location for your Audio group. So, you are supposed to point to the folder where music files are situated. What is convenient is that you can combine several logical drives for Audio Comparer to analyze and delete mp3 duplicates.

Step 2. Launch listening process by pressing "Start" button. The program has a perfect ear and listens to each mp3 file attentively. What is more, Audio Comparer has got a built-in player, and you're welcome to listen together with the program. The whole listening process is extremely fast taking up approximately one second per file.

Step 3. Now that the program has listened to and remembered all music files, comparison process starts. It is many times faster than listening process - that's why you won't even notice Audio Comparer finish the comparing process, and you will be able to enjoy the results! The results are conveniently depicted in the form of a tree where every nested branch has got the same mp3 as the parent branch. The program is now ready to delete mp3 duplicates, but before that, it may recommend you which files are of worse quality and should be eliminated. However, it's certainly up to you to decide which mp3 duplicates to remove.

Well, that's all you need to do to get rid of all unwanted music files and delete mp3 duplicates from your PC drive using Audio Comparer. This program is just indispensable regarding functionality and productivity. It is capable of handling all possible music file formats and is equally efficient with collections consisting of hundreds and thousands of files. Only Audio Comparer can cope with music files without tags filled in, music files having different encoding bitrates, music files of most various music formats.

Give it a try today, and you're sure to forget about the problems with your music collection organization forever!

Our customer say

Audio Comparer - It`s just perfect

"It`s ideal for me! The whole process is automatic and the results are really astonishing!!! It even chooses the files having worse and better quality. I should say it does have an ear for music even if your collection includes different formats and tags are not filled in."
- Rating: 4.8