Version history, recent changes list

v1.7 Build 908

  • added: bitrate calculation for FLAC and other lossless formats
  • added: favorite folders for auto marking feature
  • added Armenian translation
  • added an ability to increase font size in the results in a tree
  • low bitrate values are in red, high values are in green
  • column widths are saving/restoring now
  • fixed some Unicode file name related bugs

v1.6 Build 907

  • added "It is another song" popup menu item for removing the selected song from the similar group in the results
  • added Belorussian and Bulgarian interface translations
  • added "Album" and "Comments" columns to the results grid
  • added displaying current playback time in the status bar if the built-in player used
  • added hotkeys for working with the results without a mouse
  • improved: playback starts from the previous position when the current song is changed. Easier to compare several songs with your ears now
  • fixed the bug with not showing Unicode file names in the confirmation window

v1.5 Build 906

  • added iTunes support
  • added the function for saving the comparison results to CSV file
  • added Korean interface language
  • added 'check new audio files in the current group' feature
  • fixed displaying wrong bitrate in the comparison table
  • fixed bug with apostrophes in gallery and result file names
  • fixed wrong time counting after pausing processes

v1.4 Build 905

  • added tag editing support
  • added FLAC, APE, AAC, WavPack audio files support
  • added Dutch translation
  • fixed rare crash when processing >30k files
  • fixed refreshing results tree after deleting some files
  • fixed Unicode file names displaying
  • fixed program crash when the trial period is over

v1.3 Build 904

  • added smart auto marking feature
  • added player to the confirmation dialog
  • fixed bug with saving to the opened audio group
  • fixed results tree flushing when deleting some files
  • fixed error when deleting missing files

v1.2 Build 903

  • added multicore CPU support (optional, turned on by default)
  • added volume muting
  • added start playback by double-click on the file
  • added 'remove all marks' feature
  • added highlighting of missing files (optional, turned on by default)
  • added Save results as... menu item
  • fixed bug with saving to opened gallery
  • fixed file deleting bugs

v1.1 Build 902

  • added English help file
  • added Spanish, Romanian and Vietnamese translations
  • added fast expanding and collapsing of the entire comparison results tree features
  • added bitrate, duration and title columns to the comparison results tree
  • added volume control
  • added marking of playing item in group list and comparison results tree
  • fixed "Cannot delete file" error when the file was played

v1.0 Build 900

  • first public release