How to Delete Duplicate Songs Without Wasting Time?

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We often don't notice how many songs we've got in our music collection. Even less seen is the number of duplicate songs in your iTunes library and movie collection. It's usually becoming obvious when your computer breaks down pretty regularly, and the same songs repeat now and then and make you cross instead of making you relaxed and inspired.

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So when you get fed up with all these, then Audio Comparer is going to be a program to remember! It's a brand-new program which always effectively comes to the rescue in such situations. You probably know that finding and correspondingly deleting duplicate songs is not easy to do manually because music collections are enormous as a rule. Therefore Audio Comparer is just the ticket! It's head and shoulders above the competitors! This software is intellectual - it doesn't matter for the program which formats your songs are, how many you've got, whether tags filled in or not. It carefully "listens" (you can even observe that) to your music collection and remembers the songs forever. In the end, it finds and deletes duplicate songs from your group and iTunes library automatically.

Let's see how Audio Comparer operates and deletes duplicate songs.

First of all, show the program where all your songs are located. The Comparison Wizard will help you do that easily and very quickly - about a second per song. After you do that, the program starts the listening process which you can even observe. Listening is the key to program's functionality - because Audio Comparer has a perfect ear for music and always remembers the songs it has once heard! It recognizes files by audio content, not file properties - that's why it can find not only complete duplicates but just similar files also.

After that, it launches the comparing process and presents the results. The results are conveniently organized in the form of a tree which represents duplicates found. Working with the results is convenient - the program itself can mark the files having worse or better quality and, if you need, delete duplicate songs automatically in a couple of clicks! Still, before removing duplicate songs, the program will ask you to confirm or, if needed, listen once again to the files. There is a built-in player right in the confirmation window - so, you will have no chance to delete a needed file.

Finally, the major advantage of the program is that it greatly handles enormous, huge collections which contain several thousands of songs. Apart from that, the program can detect and delete duplicate songs in your iTunes library as well. You don't even need to do anything special - using Comparison Wizard; you'll have to put a tick in the corresponding checkbox.

So, using just one expert program Audio Comparer, you will be able to solve two problems at once and unclutter your music collection as well as iTunes library at the same time!

Our customer say

Audio Comparer - Highly recommended

"Though I tried several programs similar to yours, Audio Comparer is simply the best in its kind!!! It is very fast and very clever. And it`s fun using it the program does everything itself! And I really appreciate it! Carry on! Happily, it now works with iTunes and can handle iTunes files as well. Highly recommend it to all people loving music."
- Rating: 4.7