How to Find and Remove Duplicates From the iTunes Library

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Keeping your iTunes library in order, especially now that our iTunes music collections have reached an enormous size, can be quite a challenge. You don't often know for sure whether you've got this or that song or not. Finally, it turns out that your iTunes collection has gained even more than two copies of the same song... Ugh, it's irritating, especially when your wish is to enjoy your favorite songs.

Happily, Audio Comparer, the brand-new music duplicate finder and remover, has come up with a solution for this problem. Starting with version 1.5, it can find and remove duplicates from your iTunes library easily and quickly. See for yourself!

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When you start the program, there appears the Comparison Wizard, whose major function is to help you during your first time working with the program. Just follow its instructions, and you'll have no problems organizing your iTunes collection. At the stage of Audio group formation, you'll see the checkbox "Use iTunes Library". So, you don't specify which folders to handle, but you put a "tick" in the checkbox, and the program is then sure to know what to do. Besides, you can create an Audiogroup of iTunes songs without using the Comparison Wizard; enter the menu "Audiogroup" and you'll see the item "New from iTunes..." and the program starts the process of listening and finding song duplicates.

You probably know that the program is extremely effective thanks to its innovative approach to the song comparison process. Audio Comparer acts like a perfect human ear, listening carefully to song after song and comparing files by their actual audio content, not metadata like other duplicate finders do. This means that Audio Comparer can masterfully handle music files without tags and easily recognize files with better or worse quality.

So, having found duplicates in your iTunes library, the program suggests removing them from iTunes collection. No additional actions or steps are needed here; while eliminating duplicates in the confirmation window, there is also a checkbox "Update iTunes Library" activated by default. When it is active, the songs chosen are removed automatically from the iTunes library as well. As simple as that!

So, being a perfect duplicate finder and remover, Audio Comparer can help you make your iTunes library clean, tidy, and extremely enjoyable. Doing this manually would hardly be possible. Audio Comparer is a loyal friend of yours and a real guru at finding and removing music duplicates, and it has come to your relief. It will do everything automatically, needing no effort of yours. The Audio Comparer is fast, accurate, cautious, and very useful. It always knows for sure what exactly you need and is ready to help.

Collect songs, not duplicates! ;) Make your iTunes library neat and perfect with Audio Comparer, and you'll never have trouble finding and removing duplicates in your iTunes collection anymore!

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Audio Comparer - Highly recommended

"Music is my love and my life for a long time already. I've been working with music for so long that my hard drive is full of audio files, many of them are duplicates... I rejected the idea to organize them all manually, because it would be just impossible, but Audio Comparer did its very best and coped with it masterly! Thank you very much for your work! Highly recommend to all people having large music collections!"
- Rating: 4.7