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Well, why not? In the age of rapidly developing information technologies, it can hardly become a problem to find duplicate MP3 finder freeware on the internet and download it. Moreover, there are various such programs that have audio-searching functions. Most such programs offer a minimal set of options necessary for finding duplicate MP3 files on your hard drive. Well, it may be ok if your music collection is modest enough and includes just around a hundred files or so, which sounds rather unreal even for a newbie in music collecting using a computer and the Internet.

Oh, come off it, you're saying! Duplicate MP3 finder freeware is capable of processing large collections as well. Well, possibly so, but there are at least THREE serious reasons for which I would never recommend a friend of mine use this freeware. Let's consider why.

Firstly, I strongly doubt that it will search your musical files by their actual content. It means that the program will only be able to find audio files with identical external properties like tags, names, or other properties. So, free duplicate MP3 finder can only locate full duplicates in your music collection. Secondly, if your collection includes MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, APE or OGG files without tags filled in, free duplicate MP3 finder won't be able to find such files. Finally, if your digital music collection contains different audio formats and encoding bitrates, it is certain to be a hard nut to crack for such freeware.

So, if your collection has thousands of audio files of different formats and encoding bitrates, you need a powerful and highly productive comparison tool. That's why you should choose quality! New-generation duplicate MP3 finder software like Audio Comparer is a "horse of a different color". The major difference between the software and other duplicate MP3 finders is the fact that Audio Comparer listens to your audio files, no matter how extensive they are, and compares files by their actual audio content, just like human ears do. It uses an entirely different comparison mechanism. The "listening" process is speedy, taking up to a second per MP3 file to listen and remember it. It is a lot faster than one can do it manually!

There are no overwhelming tasks for the Audio Comparer. It patiently processes your entire music collection, containing files of all possible formats (their range being continuously updated), and, what is more, remembers all the files once and for all. So, you will never have to do the same work again. Besides following all progressive trends and trying to meet all users' requirements, starting with version 1.4, Audio Comparer can edit tags, and its users appreciate this feature.

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Audio Comparer is not as expensive as it could be, judging by its functionality and efficiency, and costs only $34.95 today. So, having paid only once, you receive a highly functional "intelligent" audio comparison tool that is capable of making your extensive collection just perfect. You'll see, it will pay out over and above finding such MP3 duplicates, which free duplicate MP3 finder app would never have found, no matter how hard it tried. Excellence and the highest quality are what you pay for when buying an audio comparison tool.

Our customers say

Audio Comparer - Best program!

"I want to say that Audio Comparer is the best program! What impressed me most of all is that Audio Comparer does listen and remember the files forever! The program interface is very clear and simple - everything is cleverly organized and thought over in the program, the interface is very nice, the way the results are displayed, the player built-in, too. So, I highly recommend it to everybody whole really loves music!"
- Rating: 4.8

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