7 Days and 6 Nights of Using the MP3 Clone Remover

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Day 1. Ugh, how sick and tired I am of listening to the same MP3 songs now and then. My only wish is to enjoy the music!!! I wonder how many duplicates are there on my PC... probably hundreds or even thousands... Having thoroughly examined my computer and local disks, I merely got shocked (!!!): there are tons and tons of MP3 clones in different folders preventing me from enjoying listening to my favorite songs; I must have completely forgotten about many of them when adding them again... BTW, they occupy a good deal of my disk space... I don't know what to do...

Day 2. While listening to my 'all-cloned' MP3 collection today, I got more and more irritated every minute... They are repeated even more than once... Just virtual wars - 'attack of the clones'... Well, I've got to do something with that... That's settled.

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Day 3. A group mate told me today about some MP3 clone remover. Well, what's the name of it? Ah, yeah, Audio Comparer; he is in a rave about it ... Hmm, let's see... Working with all formats, having a built-in player, a multistep confirmation system, CPU optimization - it sounds okay...

Day 4. I downloaded this almighty clone remover for free; it seems all right and professional. Well, let's test it and see whether it is as powerful as they say... Hmm, not bad! I got this program to remove copies from one of the numerous folders with songs. I should say I'm rather satisfied with the result... Well, the mercury is rising :)

Day 5. Well, it's the moment of truth today! Today, I'll try to get Audio Comparer to process all my MP3 files. Let's see whether it's a tough nut to crack for this MP3 duplicate remover or not... Gigabytes of music, and who knows how many clones... Poor thing!))

Day 6. Well, I'm at a loss for words! Great! The result has even surpassed my wildest expectations!!! Tons of MP3 clones were detected and neutralized forever (removed, to be exact :). What's more, it has removed all the clones from my iTunes library as well! My music collection is now just as pure as the driven snow - not a clone or duplicate is driving me crazy anymore! Nothing prevents me from listening to my music, nothing. Only music - no clones! I can hardly believe it... This nightmare is all over! Thanks to Audio Comparer!

Day 7. I met Tony today. Haven't seen him for ages. He's changed a lot. We've been talking for hours, discussing everything on earth! It goes without saying that I told him about my recent troubles and the happy ending; he looks extremely interested in this clone remover, and it seems to me that I know why.. :)

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"Just want to let you know how good Audio Comparer is! Its helps me to deal with my huge collection of audio files, while I am doing purely nothing. When I first tried to use it, it turned out I`ve got hundreds of audio duplicates on my computer and in my iTunes library as well... So, I had to bring it to order but it would take years to organize it... Audio Comparer did this within several minutes!!! That`s fantastic! Thanks to the developers for the posh program!"
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