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Finding and removing duplicate songs is quite a challenge I think, isn't it? You take songs from different sources, very often the same songs have different names or songs are just duplicated in the music collection. The whole thing becomes really irritating and annoying and instead of being the source of inspiration and a good mood, listening to music becomes one more stress in your life.

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Today you'll find out the best tool to de-stress and recover health :) - it's Audio Comparer the program able to handle bulks of audio files within a short period and remove duplicate songs!

Why particularly Audio Comparer? What is the major difference between Audio Comparer and other similar programs? I should say there are distinguishing features actually and significant ones!

To begin with, the formats of songs in your collection - the program can equally well work with MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, AIF, WAV, WavPack, FLAC, APE, AAC, and OGG audio files. This means that no matter how diversified your collection is, Audio Comparer will find and remove duplicate songs.

Another important point is the principle of work Audio Comparer is based on. It may sound strange but still... the program listens to every song in your collection to detect and remove duplicate songs. It tries to recognize duplicates by the actual audio content. That's why Audio Comparer rarely makes mistakes - it always breaks the balls!

The next thing to mention is its compatibility with iTunes - I'm sure many of you have an iTunes music collection with the same problem - hundreds of duplicates accumulated for many years. Audio Comparer will remove duplicate songs from your iTunes library as well! All you have to do for that is just to put a tick in the box at the initial stage of searching.

Time is also vital for a huge collection of music. That's why the whole process of finding and removing duplicates songs takes up only a second per song, and the results will shift your expectations! Not to delete a needed file by mistake, in the program, there is a multi-step confirmation system provided. So, at every stage, you'll have to confirm and listen, if you need, to a song once again. There's player built-in in each confirmation window.

A big plus in the program is that you don't need to do anything manually. Everything happens automatically, without your efforts and wasting time. The program will identify files are having higher and lower quality and can remove duplicate songs forever from your collections. So, Audio Comparer is a great help! It will never let you down!

So, getting rid of all duplicate songs, Audio Comparer allows the music to entertain you and make you happy, as your music collections are perfect!

Our customer say

Audio Comparer - Great job!

"Hi there! Guys, I'd like to say thanks for a really good program for me! It's a first aid for my music collection, because it's really gigantic! Audio Comparer managed to organize several thousands of audio files - all having different audio formats! Absolutely bang-on! Great job! Recommend the program to all music fans!!!"
- Rating: 4.5

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